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Post by Silvy on Sat Apr 09, 2016 7:15 pm

Hello there! I see you have come across this forum, and decided it was good enough to join!

As a member here, we ask that you follow some rules. Don't worry, most of them aren't strict. Alright, let's cut to the chase!

1. Don't troll, or try and start a war in the forums
Do not under ANY circumstances post anything intended to start an argument. Doing so will result in a strike against your account.

There is no need to have multiple accounts. Besides, if everyone had two accounts, and we banned someone for getting enough strikes, then said person could easily block evade.

3. No block evasion
I think this goes without saying. No trying to get around a ban. We banned you for a reason. If you have any questions as to why you were banned, you can email any of us admins.

4.Respect the staff
This is self explanatory. Don't be rude to the staff. Don't backtalk. If a staff member is being rude to you, regardless of their position, email me. We want to retain a friendly community, and unfriendly staff would just ruin that.

5.No pornograohic or illegal material
All offences will be immediately, and permanently banned. With no exceptions what so ever. Take such materials off site. If you receive a pm containing 18+ or illegal material, report the pm.

And there will be no 'taking things to pm'. None of that.

6. Keep drama to a minimum
Don't go publically announcing drama between so and so. It doesn't matter what happened, who is involved, etc. It will not be tolerated, and any post regarding drama, or responses to said post will be removed from the board, and  a strike will be given.

No art theft:
There will be absolutely NO art theft on this site. This goes for stories as well. That is plagiarism. Any instantsances of plagiarism will end up with the plagiarised piece being removed, and a one day ban against the account. If you have permission from the artist, credit them. But never say that you drew it, wrote it, etc.

Keep cursing to a minimum:
Please. You don't need to cuss in every sentence to get your point across. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like if said character is supposed to cuss a lot. But please, use stars.
F***, *****

This list will be updated.

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